2009 / Jan -1- / 14
Updated : fbmoji

binary / source / document files for dingux on dingoo A320

CAUTION : Those files are related on Linux kernel and provied under GPL ver 2,
Please read GPL first before download!
No warranty, do it at your own risk!

Linux kernel(dingux) for A320 (on megaupload.com)
filesize : 2659234
MD5 : ed6b9c1806ade92f11224efb2a80e094
This kernel enables RTC and power off.
Note : RTC register will be destroyed by original firmware,
Linux SPL can be used to avoid this.

Linux SPL installer - linux boot first-(on megaupload.com)
filesize : 6762137
MD5 : 8716545d3d240b5e141fd0ad7b3bd4ed
This SPL makes A320 to boot DINGUX first.
WARNING : This SPL has some chance to make it to be bricked.
(even so,it should be booted from USB mode)

extract-initrd ( put into linux/scripts/ directory )
for developer..., please feel something from file name.
applications / scripts / sources for dingux

fbmoji_0112.zip charactor routines for framebuffer

hello_bin.zip test code for usb-boot

dginst 091222

dgclock 091222 (dgclock.dpf)

dingux cross compiler automatic build script for cygwin/mac os x 091213
You can make something for dingux on your favorite environment

dginst : installer for dmenu on dingux
packtool : packaging tool for dginst
u-boot.patch ( patch for u-boot in dingoo-linux svn )

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